Reports & Resources

Read the reports created as part of the CReDo journey so far, including benefits, technical reports and more.


CReDo Transport Use Case Dependencies

CReDo Phase 2: Technical Report – Distributed Architecture

CReDo Phase 2: Multi Factor Authentication implementation

A study of potential decision support capabilities in CReDo

Identifying the expected impacts of CReDo report

CReDo Overview Report

CReDo technical report 1: Building a Cross-Sector Digital Twin

CReDo technical report 2: Generating Flood Data

CReDo Technical Report 3: Assessing Asset Failure

CReDo Technical Report 4: Modelling System Impact

How to access CReDo on DAFNI platform

Public resources on DAFNI

Technical Resources

In addition to the Technical Reports series, the CReDo team have provided the following open access resources to help anyone interested in building on the work they produced.

Publicly hosting the visualisation codebase allows for continued improvement and collaboration of the software into the future. Ensuring that tools developed in this project are reusable and can grow with the digital twin sector is a key goal of the CReDo project.

University of Cambridge GitLab

The following publicly accessible code repositories make the CReDo codebase available to anyone interested in developing a CReDo-style connected digital twin project.

Project Resources

The CReDo Project required extensive planning and project management. Alongside the technical resources to help you build your own CReDo model, we hope that copies of some of the project planning material will be helpful on your journey picking up a CReDo-style project. Listed below are additional resources, beyond our report series and public code bases, that point to how the project developed.