Join us at this exciting free conference to explore the advancements in data and digital technologies that are reshaping our economy and the way we live. Be part of the conversation on how Geospatial Information Management (GeoIM) is pivotal for infrastructure, ensuring integrated, high-quality data can be trusted by all stakeholders. Don't miss this opportunity to dive deeper into the future of infrastructure and register now!

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Smart City Expo Call for Awards 2024

Participate in the Smart City Expo Call for Awards 2024 to showcase your smart city innovations. Gain international recognition and help make cities smarter and more sustainable.

1Spatial – GeoIM for Infrastructure

Explore the future of infrastructure at the "Smarter Data, Smarter World 2024" conference. Learn how GeoIM, digital twins, machine learning, and AI are transforming infrastructure for transport, energy, water, flood risk management, and digital communications. Register now!

Digital Twin 2024

CALL FOR PAPERS The 2024 IEEE International Conference on Digital Twin (DigitalTwin 2024) Denarau Island, Fiji, December 2-7, 2024 Digital twin, as a recent…

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