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Hub Insights

A series of interviews exploring the community of the DT Hub showcasing members and giving them the opportunity to share; who they are and what they are doing in the digital twin space. As a collaborative community learning through sharing, insights are shared from within the community for the benefit of the whole.

Hub Insights with Andy Parnell-Hopkinson

Hub Insights with David Weir-McCall

Hub Insights with Jozef Dobos

Hub Insights with Ali Nicholl

Hub Insights with Matthew West and James Harris

Hub Insights with May Winfield and Peter Van Manen

Hub Insights with Ananya Jaidev and Paul Hodgson

Hub Insights with Jennifer Schooling and Gemma Schroeder

Hub Insights with Mark Enzer and Alexandra Bolton

Digital Twin Talks: Series 2

The Digital Twin Talks: Series 2 follows on from the successful first series. This is an eight part series where every Tuesday we will host a live discussion with the speaker of the week’s Digital Twin Talk covering a range of topics. Join us at 10:30.

Digital Twin Talks: Series 2 Introduction

Samuel Chorlton, Digital Twin Hub Chair

Why a National Digital Twin?

Miranda Sharp, National Digital Twin Programme

Capturing the Complexity of Cities

Dan Clarke, Cambridge City Council

The Integrated Enterprise

Kevin Reeves, Costain

Digital Twins, Why Now?

David McKee, Slingshot Simulations

A National Underground Asset Register

Neil Brammal, Geospatial Commission

Overcoming Commercial Barriers to the Scaled Adoption of Digital Twins

Tom Henderson, TechUK

Demographic Twins for ‘What if?’ Scenario Planning

Mark Birkin, Alan Turing Institute

Digital Twin Talks: Series 1

The Digital Twin Talks: Series 1 is a five part series exploring how digital twins are defined and the overarching concepts around them. This will include videos from the ODI, DAFNI, Imec and CDBB. We will add each video to this page as it becomes available.

Introducing the Digital Twin Talks

Samuel Chorlton, Digital Twin Hub Chair

Towards a Web of Digital Twins

Olivier Thereaux, ODI

Meeting the Digital Twin Challenge

Brian Matthews, DAFNI

Urban Digital Twins

Tanguy Coenen, imec


Neil Thompson, Delivery Lead - Commons

Digital Roundtable

Facilitated by Simon Evans

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