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In this podcast you will learn about world-changing projects and impactful innovations making a positive and significant difference to people’s lives and the future of our beautiful planet. Join Ali Nicholl and the IOTICS Team as we chat to the change makers and innovators who are working hard to make amazing things happen across different industries, including the public sector.

Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Caroline Field, Partner – National Resilience at PA Consulting and Specialist in Organisational & City Resilience.
Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Chris Empson, Business Manager at CACI.
Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Kerry Nicolaides, Head of Financial inclusion, Well-being and Vulnerability at Sopra Steria and Laura Greatrex, Head of Sales at IOTICS.
Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Simon Evans, Global Digital Energy Leader at ARUP

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Podcast by Digital Twin Fan Club

Safety, regulation, threats and complacency. How is the UK going to regulate AI? Is it going to take all of our jobs? What is the UK doing and what should it be doing?
Henry Fenby-Taylor and Johnathan Munkley talk to Gavin Cotterill and Adam Beck of the Digital Built Australia podcast.
How do you make innovation business as usual? How do you deal with sectors that are flat lining, or traditional models of procurement that don’t understand technology?
Join Henry Fenby-Taylor at Digital Construction Week as he speaks to Jacqui Glass from University College London and Mohammad Sakikhales of the University of Greenwich.


Connected Places is a podcast about the future of our towns, cities and transport systems. In each episode we speak to thought leaders, senior industry figures, innovators and businesses from around the world about the new technologies that are shaping the places of tomorrow. Connected Places is brought to you by the Connected Places Catapult – the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport and places.

In this episode we’re delighted to have on the show someone who spends a lot of time thinking about all of this; Sir John Armitt, the Chair of the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).
We conclude our three-part podcast series on digital twins with a conversation with Ali Nicholl, Head of Engagement at IOTICS, a data company helping innovators to better collaborate on digital transformation.
In this episode we meet National Grid ESO, the electricity system operator for Great Britain, and one of the sponsors of the Digital Twin Hub’s inaugural Connected Digital Twins Summit held this summer.
Advances in software, sensing and computational technology are seeing connected digital twins being adopted across whole infrastructure systems and even entire cities.


Digital Built Australia (DBA) is the podcast exploring digital and data innovation in the built environment. Join Adam and Gavin as they discuss everything from the planning and design of public places and spaces, to the operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets. Guest commentators join the hosts who represent policy making, professional practice and academia.

As the year draws to a close Gavin and Adam sit down to review and discuss some key observations they made.
In this conversation we cover the basics on data-fuelling platforms like Digital Twin, how we need to treat data and where we need to go.
Two things were intriguing us at DBA, and we were keen to explore their convergence – PlanTech, and housing.
The digital built environment industry has many advocates in Australia, and in Queensland more specifically, Andrew Curthoys is a notable candidate.