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Digital Twins for Senior Leaders

Part of the Gemini Skills Programme

The Digital Twin Hub is partnering with Cranfield University to offer this Gemini skills course in digital twin capability. The pilot began in October 2023 with the first course launching on 29 February 2024.

The course will run across 8 weeks with 16 hours of active learning (remote lectures delivered in real time and recorded for catch up), and a strategic discussion forum with the cohort. Sessions will run online across one-and-a-half hours, once a week.

Digital Twins for Senior Leaders is part of a suite of learning opportunities to help individuals and organisations at different points in their digital twin journeys. It is unique in being founded on the Gemini Principles, scoped alongside asset owners and operations and delivered by the DT Hub and Cranfield in association with policy makers, industry associations, academic experts and practitioners.

It is designed for leaders and future leaders engaged in roles that will influence decision-making to realise digital transformation and organisational change. They will be the enablers and subsequent end-users of digital twin systems, or the translators of digital twin capabilities, rather than those creating the digital twins.

This training is relevant to those working in asset owner and operator organisations as well as suppliers and consultants, and suits company or sector-spectific cohorts and/or individuals. Enquire about custom programmes for organisations.

Session themes by week

  1. What is a digital twin and why is it significant to you?
  2. What is value, and could the organisational value creation and purpose change with digital twins?
  3. How do organisations enable sustainable change in the context of digital transformation?
  4. What does the digital twin ecosystem look like?
  5. How do we sustain human-machine interaction in a digital twin environment in tasks/divisions/enterprises?
  6. How do organisations position data as a core value-creating asset through digital twins?
  7. What new decisions and analytics can organisations make through a digital twin?
  8. What is my organisational strategy over time?

Training is led by Prof. John Erkoyuncu at Cranfield University.

To register please click on the link below.

Register for the Digital Twins for Senior Leaders Course
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