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One of the core objectives of the National Digital Twin programme and the Digital Twin Hub has been to support the development of standards to encourage and enable consistency and compatibility in approach with the built environment sector.

The development of standards is an essential step to enable an Information Management Framework (IMF), and can increase the capability, cost-effectiveness and re-usability of solutions developed by the supply chain.

This work began with the Standards roadmap developed by the British Standards Institute to explore the existing standards landscape and define a route charting the subsequent standards opportunities. It will evolve with the development of standards within the BSI’s recommended framework for digital twins in the built environment.

  • Standards roadmap – summarising the current standardisation landscape relating to digital twins for the built environment as of January 2021.
  • Digital twins concepts and principles – Flex workshop slide deck
  • Approaching standards with agility – blog exploring the benefits of developing standards that are more dynamic, flexible and agile. Watch the presentation by Dan Rossiter, BSI.
  • Agile standards – this white paper investigates the challenges and opportunities for everyone involved and offers guidance on when agile standards are most suitable and where they can deliver greatest value.

The Standards roadmap was first published in early 2021 and is constantly evolving with the development of standards within the BSI framework.