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5 Steps to Get Started…

The DT Hub team would like to welcome you to the fastest growing, most innovative online digital twin community. We would really like you to jump in and get involved and so this page is designed to help you dip your toe into the digital twin waters with a few helpful suggestions for first steps!

The DT Hub boasts a wealth of fantastic features and useful resources, so we would like to help you make sense of what you can find here.

So, please use these 5 steps as a useful springboard for your time as part of our thriving community…

Step 1: Complete your profile

Our DT Hub community is improved by members with complete profiles. We would like to encourage you to complete your profile by adding a profile picture, some professional details, and your digital twin journey.

Step 2: Introduce yourself

This thread in our Discussions area is an ideal opportunity for you to tell the community a bit more about you, and what you would like to gain from participating in the DT Hub community.

Step 3: join the next welcome session

Our regular Welcome Sessions for new DT Hub members are a valuable opportunity to learn the basics of navigating the DT Hub, as well as a great chance to ask our team questions.

Step 4: Join the gemini network

Our hugely popular Tuesday morning Gemini Calls are fantastic regular events featuring fascinating and informative talks on digital twins by guest speakers, and NDTp updates. Join the network and come along to our next Gemini Call!

Step 5: Explore and add to registers

Our registers are a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about digital twins. Please help us improve these registers by adding your own Suppliers, Case Studies and Digital Twins.