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Building Better Connections

Welcome to the DT Hub. Our mission is to create connections and foster collaboration between digital twin owners and information management experts enabling the UK to realise the potential of connected digital twins.

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    Ntando Sibanda

    Ntando Sibanda replied to a discussion

    Feasibility of digital twin application for progress monitoring in civil engineering projects

    Is UK civil engineering construction sector using digital twin technologies ? What benefits can it bring to project controls ?  What are the challenges affecting adoption of digital twin ?     



    HenryFT replied to a discussion

    Golden Thread Survey Responses

    we've got the hub together coming up (our first) and with your permission/blessing I'd like to discuss what the digital twin community should be doing about issues like this  



    HenryFT replied to a discussion

    Hub Together - DT Hub's town hall meeting; hear the latest news, shape the community, share your thoughts.

    I've registered, but I'm chairing it, so that's a bit redundant 😅



    C-D-I replied to a discussion

    Critical Thinking

    We live in a world abundant in data and technology. There are numerous ways to fake data of all kinds (think deep fake).  Envisioning a future where data outputs become as common as a PDF report how do we enable the skills around critical thinking that will allow data professionals to know when something doesn't look right even though it may have already gone through data quality and data audit checks.  Just a thought at this point but I would be interested in others thoughts.  


    Julian Schwarzenbach

    Julian Schwarzenbach replied to a discussion

    Interesting data related projects wanted for webinars

    @Paul Surin that sounds like there could be something of interest there. Is there a specific angle that has been researched? Which university has been involved?


    Kirsten Lamb

    Kirsten Lamb replied to a discussion

    Modelling interactions between built and natural environments

    Welcome! This discussion thread is for exploring opportunities to make better decisions about the interfaces between the built and natural environments of the UK by integrating models from these sectors.  This conversation kicked off at an interdisciplinary workshop on 21 and 29 January, 2021. Participants have been invited to continue the conversation here, and to invite others who might want to join in.  Questions to discuss include (but are not limited to):  


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