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    Miranda Sharp

    Miranda Sharp replied to a discussion

    Wrangling hostile data sources

    (8) Data wrangling - importing 300+ datasets a quarter - YouTube Is this making the case for bread and butter digital transformation?


    Anne GUINARD

    Anne GUINARD replied to a discussion

    A first version of the toolkit is available!

    We are very pleased to announce the release of the first version of the DT toolkit. It has been developed by a team of volunteers who are working in the area of digital twins and offered their contribution on a pro bono basis. The DT toolkit report takes you through: What is a digital twin? What can digital twins be used for? A case study register on the DT Hub A business case template for a digital twin A roadmap to implementing your digital twin It c


    Peter El Hajj

    Peter El Hajj replied to a discussion

    Event: 4-Dimensionalism in Large Scale Data Sharing and Integration

    Hi IMF Community, You may find this workshop interesting: "4-Dimensionalism in Large Scale Data Sharing and Integration" Full details and Registration can be found at: https://gateway.newton.ac.uk/event/tgmw80    . The workshop will feature six presentations on state-of-the–art research from experts on 4-Dimensionalism in large scale data sharing and integration followed by a chaired Presenter's Panel. Each presentation will cover aspects of 4-Dimensionalism from the basics t


    Tim Goodwin

    Tim Goodwin replied to a discussion

    Digital Twins of Existing Buildings and/or Refurb Projects

    It could be important in context of historically important buildings/sites etc. Looking at how it could be affected by subsurface changes due to nearby construction, erosion etc. Whilst the building itself may not be using performance models, sensors could be used to show movement of the building itself or on a larger scale using sensors on train tracks , bridges etc that can indicate structural problems before something catastrophic occurs.



    Pete replied to a discussion

    Digital Twins in Healthcare

    Hi all, I understand that most members of here will be focused on DTs for the built environment, but I was wondering if anyone out there has a list or any knowledge of the healthcare DTs that are currently being developed in the UK? I see that there are two DTs based on Hospital buildings but I was wondering if anyone knows of any DTs being built for anatomy and biological processes? Similar to Dassault's 'Living Heart project' https://www.3ds.com/products-services/simulia/solutions/life-sc



    Ramy replied to a discussion

    The world of 'Digital Twin Uses' delivered in standard terms

    The idea of a Digital Twin [DT] needs to advance in a standardized and formal manner. As @DRossiter87 pointed out, this is necessary to "support the consistent adoption of, and interoperability between, digital twins for the built environment within the UK" To aid in this endeavour, it is useful to delineate the difference between the following terms: “DT General Use Case” [GUC]: a very short sentence, possibly consisting of two or three words – ideally a verb followed by a noun – ulti


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Making a Case for Resilience

Over the summer, Sam Chorlton sat down with the National Infrastructure Commission to explore their recommendations for standards for the resilience of infrastructure in the UK. Watch the interview with Eleanor Voss, Policy Advisor to the NIC and take part in the discussion on ensuring the resilience of our essential infrastructure.

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