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    Graham Faiz

    Graham Faiz started a new discussion

    Qualification and assurance of Digital Twins

    Hi everyone - very pleased to have been asked to make a short presentation at the upcoming Gemini Call (3rd August) to share the methodology behind DNV's recently published recommended practice for the assurance and qualification of digital twins. I've added some information to the community blogs/articles section of the DT Hub - look forward to discussing further! Graham


    Dave Murray

    Dave Murray started a new discussion

    Expertise sought

    Please see The Defence Digital Network (on this site) for help requested from people in non-defence sectors with expertise, knowledge and experience to contribute to the preparation of the Defence Digital Roadmap.


    Alexandra Robasto

    Alexandra Robasto started a new discussion

    The NDTp is recruiting a Community manager! Please share with your network.

    The NDTp is recruiting a Community Manager (Fixed Term) - Job Opportunities - University of Cambridge to join the DT Hub Team.  Closing date for Applications is 9 August 2021.


    Joe Weston

    Joe Weston started a new discussion

    Analysis for Innovators (A4I) round 6

    A4I round 6 launches tomorrow, 29/07/2021. This funding is aimed at SMEs looking to solve analysis or measurement problems.  Below are some example ideas which might be eligible for A4I funding, and relevant to Digital Twin development: Collection of real-time data Accessing new sensing technologies, analytical tools & methodologies for input into Digital Twins Data analysis techniques Developing new analytical techniques or systems to improve existing Digital


    Peter El Hajj

    Peter El Hajj started a new discussion

    Infrastructure/built environment systems map

    Hi All  On the NDTp we want to develop a systems map for the infrastructure/built environment systems. We want the map to show the entities, connections (edges) and information exchange. Just wondering if anyone has relevant examples to share? Here are the examples I found online so far: Example 1 from https://www.mcs.anl.gov/papers/P7050-0517.pdf Example 2 from https://nic.org.uk/app/uploads/Systems-mapping-for-UK-infrastructure-systems-decision-making.pdf


    Alexandra Robasto

    Alexandra Robasto started a new discussion

    EPSRC: realising the potential of digital twins

    I'd like to share the article Realising the potential of digital twins – UKRI posted by Bill McAlister, Digital Twinning Senior Portfolio Manager, EPSRC on how the area of digital twinning research could revolutionise multiple sectors and service. The article also highlights the Innovation Strategy and anticipate the consultation that the UK government will launch later this year. It will seek input from business, academia and individuals across the UK on the potential value of and options


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