CReDo visualisation

This visualisation of the CReDo digital twin, using synthetic data, shows the infrastructure assets, connections across the network, and operational state of the assets. See below for more instructions.


The visualisation is overlaid by data from flood simulations (shown as light blue for shallow flooding and dark blue for deeper flooding).

The data are presented in selectable layers so you can focus on different aspects of the network by selecting or deselecting them from the menu on the left.

Select one of two flood scenarios below and move to different timesteps to see how each scenario plays out. Any assets highlighted with a red ring have been impacted by flooding, either directly or as the result of asset failure elsewhere in the system.

Each asset can be selected to view metadata, including the time history of the operational state of the asset throughout the flood. For example:

  • Flood state: TRUE = the asset is flooded.
  • Power state: TRUE = mains power is available to the asset.
  • Telephone state: TRUE = landline telephone connectivity is available.

Additional controls facilitate the exploration of the connections to and from individual assets.