Digital Twin Toolkit

The Digital Twin (DT) Toolkit project focused on developing resources to help organisations put together a business case for creating a digital twin.

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The project was set up as part of the Gemini programme by a team of volunteers with experience of working on digital twins, who were then able to look at the journey from a number of perspectives: consulting, technology development, legal and academic. We are grateful to the team members for giving up their time and expertise to develop the toolkit for the DT Hub community.

In 2021, the DT Toolkit team produced a first version of the DT Toolkit report – a simple guide to answer the important questions and provide access to the resources you need to start your digital twin journey:

  • What is a digital twin?
  • What can digital twins be used for?
  • A case study register on the DT Hub
  • A business case template for a digital twin
  • A roadmap to implementing your digital twin

Read the DT Toolkit launch blog and watch the video presentation.

We welcome feedback from our members as we test the toolkit.