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Our motto: 'Learning by doing and progressing through sharing'

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The Digital Twin (DT) Hub was created in 2020 by the Centre for Digital Britain at the University of Cambridge. In 2022, the DT Hub transitioned to a multi-sector Industry and Catapult Network partnership housed at the Connected Places Catapult.

It operates in collaboration with the new National Digital Twin Programme run by the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Digital twins and interoperable, connected digital twins, are significant tools for fighting the global systemic challenges currently facing the world – challenges like pandemics, climate change and resilience. They are key enablers for ensuring better outcomes for people and nature through aiding a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to problem-solving. The DT Hub was established to support this socio-technical mission.

The DT Hub is a network for finding partners and collaborators. It is a place for learning and sharing experiences; for driving innovation, developing expertise and advancing the state of the art for digital twins. It identifies good practice, develops guidance and shapes standards on data sharing as well as showcasing the benefits of collaborative, connected digital twin endeavours.

The next phase for the DT Hub is ambitious, as digital twin owners and builders look to support each other to develop increasingly advanced digital twins for diverse applications – joining up across sectors to follow the DT Hub motto: ‘learning by doing, progressing through sharing.’

The DT Hub will focus on four core priorities, to ensure:

  • A vibrant industry-led community
  • A purposeful, mission-driven voice for industry
  • Engagement with a growing number of sectors
  • Acceleration of open standards and interoperability

If you’re interested in becoming an active collaborator on the DT Hub, please register and we will keep you informed on how/when you can best get involved. To find out more, check out our FAQs.

See what we’ve achieved so far:

DT Hub Benefits

  • Free to join
  • Trusted host of digital twin knowledge and resources
  • A growing digital twin community spanning borders and sectors

DT Hub Objectives


Encourage collective learning and sharing experiences on digital twins


Encourage and enable the development of expertise and the advancement of digital twin usage


Steer the development of best practice and offer guidance on data sharing and digital twins


To highlight and promote the benefits of digital twins and present case studies


Provide a register of digital twins to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing


Provide support and guidance on the adoption of the Gemini Principles and Information Management Framework


Use the connected data insight of the national digital twin to empower smarter decision making for generations to come