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Last chance to complete our 2021 Smart Infrastructure Index© with a special focus on digital twins. 

Twelve months on from the release of our first version of the Index survey for asset owners and operators, we are broadening our reach so that our digital twin question set is relevant to all DT Hub members. 

The Smart Infrastructure Index is a user-friendly way for DT Hub members to measure digital maturity and benchmark progress against peers.  

  • Understand your digital maturity using a proven methodology  
  • Identify capability gaps and priorities in your digital roadmap  
  • Benchmark performance against peers and learn from the best  

Start your Smart Infrastructure Index Survey here. 

We will process entries until mid-November 2021. Once you have completed the survey, don’t forget to fill in your name and organisation to receive your personalised report including a score and targeted recommendations. These will be sent straight to your DT Hub email inbox. In the weeks that follow, we will analyse all responses and send everyone a full industry report. 


Benefits of completing the survey

For individuals: Instant, personalised results sent direct to your email inbox; see how your score compares to the sector average and best practice; view your tailored strategic recommendations; identify which archetype you are (optimist, traditionalist etc.)

For organisations: Measure your digital maturity; identify what to prioritise; benchmark against the best

Why should industry complete the Index? Index insights highlight common challenges, recommendations provide solutions to these challenges; benchmarking helps identify best practice, case studies can be shared; industry-wide capability gaps addressed as a priority


Digital twin focus

The DT Hub and Mott MacDonald Digital Ventures have worked together to bolster the standard Index of seven categories, with an additional question set for those working on the delivery of a major project or programme, and a question set that revolves around digital twins. The digital twin questions are designed specifically for members of the DT Hub and ask about:

  • Digital twins
  • Customers
  • Commercial
  • Digital transformation
  • Asset management
  • Asset delivery
  • Asset performance
  • Continuous improvement


When members complete the survey, the Index will generate a personalised report including a score and targeted recommendations, sent straight to their DT Hub email inbox after completion.

Read the 2020 Index Survey Summary and watch the Interview




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