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The Smart Infrastructure Index© builds upon learning from Project 13, providing a user-friendly way for infrastructure asset owners to measure their digital maturity and benchmark progress against peers. 

Now, members of the DT Hub will have the opportunity take part in the Smart Infrastructure Index survey designed specifically for the DT Hub. Developed specifically for the built environment and infrastructure industry, the Index provides a holistic view of digital maturity: from customer insights to digital twins; modern methods of construction to whole-life asset management. As the standard measure of digital maturity in the UK built environment, it is used for benchmarking by the Infrastructure Client Group. The survey will open on the 14th July and close on the 31st August with a full report expected in October.

 The Index allows organisations to:

  •  Understand their digital maturity using a proven methodology 
  •  Identify capability gaps and priorities to address in their digital roadmap 
  •  Benchmark performance against their peers and learn from the best 

The DT Hub and Mott MacDonald Digital Ventures have worked together to bolster the standard Index, adding a new questions set which revolves around digital twins. Together with the original seven categories, the Index now asks questions about:

  •  Digital Twins
  • Customers
  •  Commercial
  •  Digital transformation
  •  Asset management
  • Asset delivery
  •  Asset performance
  •  Continuous improvement

When you complete the survey, the Index will generate a personalised report including your score and targeted recommendations, sent straight to your email inbox after completion. The initial results will look something like this:


Finally, we will aggregate the DT Hub members’ scores and use the insights provided by the Index to produce a report about current digital maturity in our journey towards a national digital twin.

The index measures the digital maturity of organisations and as members you will shortly receive an invite in your DT Hub inbox inviting you to take part on behalf of your organisation.

We hope you will join us in this opportunity. If you have not received your email with the link to the survey by the 17th July, please contact enquiries@digitaltwinhub.co.uk.



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