Improving the cyber resilience of the UK’s energy networks through digital twins

Learn how you can be part of the £1.2 Digital Twins in Energy competition to improve the cyber-resilience of the UK's energy networks.

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£1.2m digital twin energy grids competition

The UK energy sector is rapidly changing as energy generation, transmission and storage decarbonise. At the same time, demand for electricity is increasing for heat, transportation, and the compute power of AI. How can the future energy networks manage these challenges? One solution is digital twins.

Innovate UK are launching a £1.2 million competition that will prepare the way for digital twins and improve cyber resilience in energy networks. Cybersecurity, data science, smart energy and digital twin SMEs are encouraged to join this new opportunity – especially those from outside of the energy supply chain.

5 April 2024 Innovate UK competition launch: watch the recording
22 April 2024 Competition opens
25 April 2024 Innovate UK webinar briefing: register to attend
24 May 2024 11:00am Competition closes
28 June 2024 Applicants notified

Projects can focus on one of more of the competition themes:

  • developing digital twins and underpinning technologies
  • enabling future federated digital twins
  • system modelling for data-driven decision making
  • improving data interoperability, sharing, quality and security
  • securing operational and control room technologies
  • cybersecurity threat detection, analysis and mitigation
  • data-driven technologies for grid stability, forecasting, balancing
  • demand side response security such as energy smart appliances
  • data sharing licensing and legal considerations

Visit the competition page.

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