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Buildings are currently responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions: 28% of which comes building operation alone. Undoubtedly, optimising the performance of buildings during the operational phase has a key role to play in unlocking the potential for the sector to decarbonise. In fact, just last month, a UKGBC report highlighted that commercial offices can achieve significant reductions in operational energy use through optimisation and light retrofit measures alone (in the region of 26% and 15% respectively) – but knowing where to start with such measures is not always clear.

To help tackle the issue, IES have this week announced the launch of a new solution – IES Live: a cloud-based platform that allows sustainability, energy and facilities teams to take control of building operation, reduce energy risk, increase resilience, unlock net-zero potential, and deliver healthy and comfortable spaces.

The platform connects near real-time operational building data with daily simulations from an IES Digital Twin, a detailed virtual replica of the building, that is hosted online. It delivers a single pane view across key operational performance data, highlights when the building moves away from optimal performance as predicted by a physics-based simulation, and delivers daily insights on the cost, comfort and carbon impacts of customised operational improvement strategies. All within intuitive front-end dashboards.

IES Live displays near real-time energy and carbon emission performance data from utility meters, BMS systems and IOT sensors, against a predicted ‘ideal’ energy benchmark and, if available, occupancy data. The performance of implemented net-zero improvement strategies can be tracked, ensuring they deliver expected savings. While information on how spaces are performing against the indoor air quality metrics of CO2 levels, temperature and humidity are also included.

Robust physics-based energy modelling, delivered by IES’ APACHE simulation engine, which is certified for use on multiple energy performance building regulation compliance routes around the world, is leveraged by the platform, to provide an energy benchmark that is specific to your building, its specific uses, location and local weather.

IES Live in Action

IES will be hosting a free launch webinar to demonstrate this new solution. If you would like to hear more about how IES Live delivers the next-generation of energy, carbon and comfort performance tracking and reporting, alongside intelligent improvement insights, register your free space below.

Date: Wednesday, 13th March 2024  Time: 1pm – 1:40pm GMT  Cost: Free

Register to attend here.

Alternatively, for further information visit:

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