Transforming resilience with digital twins: A global collaboration 

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We recently hosted an international event in partnership with the Digital Twin Partnership (DTP), uniting global experts in digital twins and climate resilience. This webinar spanned continents and offered enlightening perspectives on leveraging digital twins for a sustainable future. Highlights Holly Hensler from Connected Places Catapult explored the CReDo Demonstrator, showcasing innovative solutions to data-sharing barriers in the UK. James Strutt of the New South Wales government highlighted Australia’s advancements in using digital twins to address climate change. Julia McMaster from Wellington City Council provided insights into New Zealand’s pioneering efforts with digital twins. This webinar facilitated a critical dialogue on the global interconnectedness of digital twins and their role in building resilient infrastructure to meet climate challenges. Recording now available If you missed the live session or wish to revisit the discussions, we’re pleased to share that the event recording is now accessible on our Youtube page. Discover how digital twins are shaping the future of resilience and sustainability. Looking ahead The synergy between The Digital Twin Hub and Digital Twin Partnership represents our collective dedication to harnessing data and technology for global good. Inspired by the transformative potential of digital twins, we remain committed to advancing global resilience. Keep an eye out for upcoming events designed to close knowledge gaps, foster collaboration, and motivate actions toward a climate-resilient future. A heartfelt thanks to everyone, Jannat MaqboolGavin CotterillHolly HenslerJames StruttJulia McMasterKathryn SalmJohn D HoldenNury Moreira BSc, MSc, MCMI who made this event a success. Here’s to many more collaborative opportunities that drive meaningful change.

Nury Moreira, DT Hub Community Manager


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