IMF Legal Pathway

As we progress in delivering the vision of the National Digital Twin programme, we are also considering the extensive legal and commercial implications that accompany the delivery of an information management framework.

The adoption of Building Information Modelling in the UK market has spurred innovation which has provided rich precedent for how data and digital technology might be managed in the context of litigation, arbitration and commercial contract law. However, gaps still remain on how we will deliver the National Digital Twin and the impact it will have on the market. As part of the Gemini Programme we have hosted a series of legal roundtables to consider the gaps.


The legal roundtables were a collaboration between the Commons team and Gemini Programme volunteer, Sarah Rock of Gowling WLG. It consisted of a series of four virtual roundtables running from 18 November to 9 December 2020, chaired by Sarah and attended by eight lawyers with recognised expertise across a range of specialisms, from different sectors.

The aim of the roundtables was to discuss the legal landscape facing the establishment and broad adoption of a National Digital Twin, covering areas such as IP, commercial and financial risk, skills needs, technology and privacy.

A summary of the roundtables detailing the outcomes was circulated to the DFTG (Digital Framework Task Group) in January 2021 and has been added to the DT Hub Resources.

Sarah Rock has provided an overview of the roundtables to the Discussions Forum where we would welcome your feedback.

The roundtable series participants include the following practice partners from leading law firms: