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Dip into this series of industry blogs sent to us by Bentley Systems. 

Vertical Buildings: What Asset Owners and Contractors Need to Know about Britain’s New Building Safety Regulator

Analysis of the U.K.’s Top 100 Construction Companies Shows Which Firms Performed Best Over the Past Decade

Grand Paris Express: What We Learn from City Centre Transport Megaprojects in Paris and London

A Smarter Way to Future-proof Our Water Supply

The Wind of Change Is Blowing on Renewables, Making Them Cheaper and More Efficient, with the U.K. Ideally Placed to Benefit

A Bird’s Eye View: How the World’s First Digital Twin of a Nation Can Help Create Better Cities

The Nine Euro Ticket

Leadership in a Data-driven Age: Why the Best Managers Will Always Welcome Greater Transparency and Why Fundamental Leadership Components Haven’t Changed

For Electric Vehicle Charging, “Going Dutch” Means Being Open, Transparent, and Interoperable

Since the Census Helps Plan Infrastructure and Housing, Could a National Framework for Data Help Overcome the Shortcomings of the COVID-19 Census?

Regardless of Progress at COP27, We Are Getting on with Transforming and Decarbonising Infrastructure Delivery


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