MOD Activities – are you connected?

  • MOD Activities – are you connected?

    Posted by David Murray on July 17, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Folks,

    Some of you will be aware of notifications from the UK Ministry of Defence, others of you may be less aware.

    Increasingly, these have a bearing on digital twins and related issues.

    I have posted 3 updates below and suggest that you may wish to follow-up the information directly.

    If you would like to team with others on these or other topics (the preferred MOD method of engaging with industry), you may wish to post that information as a notice to this group, inviting other interested parties to join you.

    NavyX A2ETS (Autonomy Assessment Evaluation and Training Simulator)

    A training requirement using simulation to free up 3 Navy assets. This call (ending 7th Aug 2023) is for the Navy to understand the ‘art of the possible’.

    RFI – NavyX Autonomy Assessment Evaluation and Training Simulator – Contracts Finder

    Mustang Project 2

    A similar ‘art of the possible’ call for a mobile and dynamic air defence suite against which the Airforce can train. More details from by 21st July 2023 @ 15:00.

    Update to the 2021 Defence Integrated Review

    An update to the strategic document, incorporating ‘lessons learned’ from recent events, was published today (17th July 2023) [ ] . It will, undoubtedly, be closely followed by the Services and other departments publishing their interpretation and how they intend to apply it. There is expected to be increased interest in faster moving simulation, DT and related technologies for which industry support is being sought.

    Please let me know if re-posting related MOD activities, such as these, is a useful feature for this group.

    Dave Murray

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