The Set of What, Why, How Gemini Papers

  • The Set of What, Why, How Gemini Papers

    Posted by David Murray on February 10, 2022 at 11:45 am

    Wow, there is a lot of material here in around 30 pages of text.

    I suspect that there will be a range of potential readers, with a spread of prior knowledge and understanding, attracted to the material. Some wishing to gain a foothold into the topic, knowing very little. Potentially, some readers will be experienced practioners looking to ensure that the correct and appropriate messages are being propagated. However, I suspect that most potential readers will be people looking to expand their knowledge in specific areas – or to challenge aspects based upon their own experiences.

    It is impossible to meet all these needs in one document. So, I suggest that the target audience for this set needs to be identified and the needs of others met by pointers to other sources.

    At this stage of DT engagement there will be many looking to take their first steps. This is not the ideal source for them because there are too many branches to the main thread. It would be most appropriate for the mid-range of potential readership wishing to expand their knowledge in specific areas. However, as others have said, pointers to the sub-topics need to be included in the to-be-added sections and cross-referenced in the body.

    I think it would be easier for reviewers if the comments of others were not included in the main text. It is distracting to meet additions and crossed-out material when trying to get an overview. The approach will be fine when it comes to final draft and clarifications of details are being addressed.

    I am sure that other documents will be added to the library. It is a great idea to poll for opinions as the documents are created. I would like to suggest that it starts with bullet-points of topics to include (or not) as the first-step, rather than as a pseudo-document. In that way, the requirements/ needs can be established before solutions are presented and the two can be more easily identified.

    I hope this helps and is seen as a positive contribution to a lot of good work that has been put into meeting a genuine need of the community.


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