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The Gemini Call is a vital part of the Digital Twin Hub, and we are excited to have concluded our 2023 Spring season, 10/1/23-28/3/23. With the support of the DT Hub Community, we were able to achieve some impressive milestones:

  • 425 people joined the Gemini Call with 61% of viewers attending multiple calls
  • Viewers from 24 different countries
  • We averaged 121 viewers per call, with over 1250 live views
  • We had presentations from 22 companies, featured in the attached image.
  • We have viewers from 31 different sectors with our largest sectors being:
  1. Technology Sector
  2. Education Sector
  3. Tied for 3rd: Renewable Energy Sector, Electricity Sector, Construction Sector
  4. Engineering Sector
  5. Tied for 5th: Water Sector, Buildings Sector

    The Digital Twin Hub operational team is constantly trying to improve the Gemini Call, so if you have any feedbacks or ways you believe we can improve the Gemini Call, please reach out to myself at

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