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We are delighted to announce the publication of three new member resources from our DT Hub Working Groups.

The first document, Trust, Purpose, Value and Connected Digital Twins looks at why we need a framework for setting up a connected digital twin as a purpose driven, value-creating, collaborative enterprise. In summary:

A connected digital twin refers to a digital twin connected across organisational and sectorial boundaries. Every connected digital twin requires a clear purpose.

The value of a connected digital twin depends on achieving the outcomes connected to its purpose.

Delivering successful outcomes requires long-term engagement and collaboration between stakeholders.

Stakeholders engage based on trust in the individual benefits, value and risk management delivered by their participation.

Trust is underpinned by a reliable operating model, strong stakeholder governance and transparent performance monitoring.

If its purpose is achieved and stakeholder value is delivered by a connected digital twin then it should be financially self-sustaining.

Read the report from the Governance and Trust Working Group.

Storytelling and Digital Twins is a two-part series looking at the value of storytelling in inspiring new ways of working.

Part One: Storytelling in business as the ultimate means of persuasion covers how to present clear and compelling ideas that win over the minds and hearts of investors and senior decision makers.

Storytelling is a crucial communication skill that may help you become a better and more effective leader. It is the most ancient method of transmitting information from person-to-person and generation-to-generation. It may motivate colleagues and employees while also fostering a high-performance culture. It may entertain, inform, inspire, and convey value to others, as well as assist in the development or implementation of new methods of working. Read Part One of this series from the Digital Skills and Building Capability Working Group.

Part Two: Becoming comfortable with digital twins is a guide for leaders who wish to use storytelling about twins to promote business cases, to become comfortable with what they are and the capabilities that different kinds of twins drive. It considers what is a digital twin, digital twin taxonomy with its variations and categories, different types and purposes of digital twins and their advantages, and the significance of analytics maturity in the context of digital twins and storytelling. Read Part Two of this series from the Digital Skills and Building Capability Working Group.

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