Community Pulse Check: Assurance of Digital Twin Systems

Are you confident that digital twins are trustworthy and ethical?

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Assuring trustworthy and ethical digital twins

Complete our survey and have your say on the creation of a new online tool to assure digital twins

Are you developing, deploying or overseeing digital twin technologies or systems? We want to hear from business leaders, developers and researchers to help us understand your perspective, current challenges and needs when it comes to assuring digital twins.

Although digital twins promise vast societal benefits, their increasing reliance on various forms of AI and their role in safety-critical settings pose significant challenges. These challenges must be addressed to ensure their ethical and trustworthy development.

Your responses will help build a new industry tool, addressing those industry pain points affecting you now, and making sure we set assurance standards that enhance transparency and trust.Sophie Arana, The Alan Turing Institute

Your opinions and experiences in the survey will be crucial in the development of a new open-source, community-based online tool to support the broader assurance landscape, and empower users and project teams to create digital twins that are both trustworthy and ethical.

Community Pulse Check shows instant results and comparisons
The Community Pulse Check: Assuring Digital Twin Systems is a dynamic survey, giving you the opportunity to voice your experiences and needs relating to assurance practices in the digital twin sector. You can see some of the results immediately, giving instant feedback on how your experiences and views align with those of your peers. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes and can be completed anonymously if you choose.

We will ask about
– How ethical frameworks are integrated into current organisational processes (eg quality assurance, compliance, project management)
– Satisfaction levels with existing practices and requirements
– Readiness for adopting new assurance techniques
– Any barriers currently hindering the assurance of digital twins

Why participate?
You will be joining a select group of professionals contributing to the responsible evolution of digital twin technologies. Your expertise does more than shape industry standards; it fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing enhances community practices. Together, we can refine and enrich the standards to benefit everyone.

In addition and subject to capacity, early responders will receive an invite to an afternoon reception where we will present the survey results.

About the project
The Community Pulse Check on the Assurance of Digital Twin Systems is being conducted by The Alan Turing Institute’s TRIC-DT and the Digital Twin Hub at Connected Places Catapult. It has been designed with support from the Responsible Technology Adoption Unit to align with national AI assurance guidelines from the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology. The work is also part of the Trustworthy and Ethical Assurance of Digital Twins (TEA-DT) project, funded by the UKRI’s Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the BRAID programme.

Get involved
Contact the TRIC-DT at The Alan Turing Institute if you would like to get involved as an early adopter.

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