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When creating any case studies or any other communication, you should consider the follow points:  

  • What do I need to communicate? 
  • How can I use this opportunity to seed messages that would deter a hostile? 
  • How can I ensure I provide information without giving away details that would be potentially useful to a hostile? 
  • If I need to put out details, how can I counter any vulnerability created by promoting the protective security measures in place? 

A hostile can be defined as ‘a person who wants to attack or disrupt an organisation for profit or to make a political or ideological point’. 

  • Please do not include information on the specific hardware, software and data and information systems used in your digital twin work. 
  • Consider cropping images that include details of building or floor layouts or parts of infrastructure not otherwise visible to members of the public 
  • If you are seeking to publish any information, including images, about a client or their assets, this must not be done without first obtaining formal approval from an appropriate person within the client organisation. 
  • It is important to recognise that once information has been published on the internet, or otherwise made publicly available, it is virtually impossible to delete, destroy, remove or secure all copies of it. 
  • More information on applying a security-minded approach is available on the CPNI website (
  • Other advice which may be of interest is available at  
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