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Net Zero Technology Centre

About Net Zero Technology Centre

The Net Zero Technology Centre is a not-for-profit organisation working with industry, government and academia driving technology innovation to accelerate the energy transition to net zero. The centre is co-investing and collaborating with industry and government to develop and deploy new technologies. Its research and insights enables the Scottish, UK and other governments to achieve their net zero ambitions, deliver a decarbonised and net zero energy system, maximise economic recovery and compete in international markets. NZTC also offers its Net Zero Technology Services, which provides industry and investors with insight and foresight on current and emerging technologies. Through its advisory solutions, NZTC is helping organisations leverage technology to navigate and accelerate their decarbonisation goals. The centre is also supporting start-ups through its TechX programmes, providing clean energy companies with the funding, tools, resources and training they need to evolve and grow, accelerating their path to commercialisation and beyond.

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