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Infrastructure Ontario

About Infrastructure Ontario

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is a Crown agency of the Province of Ontario that supports the Ontario government’s initiatives to modernise and maximise the value of public infrastructure and real estate. IO upholds the government’s commitment to renew public services and does so in co-operation with the private sector.

The organisation delivers results directly to clients and stakeholders through various services, including:

  • Major projects Acts as procurement and commercial lead for all major public infrastructure projects in the province.
  • Real estate services Modernises and enhances the government real estate portfolio through asset planning, facilities contract management, and real estate advisory services.
  • Infrastructure lending Supports the renewal of public sector infrastructure by delivering affordable long-term loans to eligible clients.
  • Commercial projects
  • Provides advice and negotiation support to the government and public sector partners regarding commercial transactions, including major land developments.
  • Development IO’s development team provides commercial advice and support to the provincial government and public sector partners regarding major land developments, including transit-oriented communities, landmark projects, and social purpose projects.