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Cyclopic Ltd

About Cyclopic Ltd

Cyclopic is an innovative scale-up that is led by Alan Rallings: Senior Engineer of 45+ years and has been voted one of the leading Net Zero companies in the AIRBUS ‘Why Stop at Zero’ competition after being awarded grants by the UK Government to develop their robotic platform. The ground-breaking patented technology provides a totally scalable e-corner platform for Net Zero transport & efficient manufacture. Cyclopic are now working with CAV LAB at UoS to produce a digital twin simulation highlighting the AI & robotic capabilities. The versatile platform: – Drive, braking ,steering, suspension all in one unit providing precision height adjustment which offers full height & ground delivery, 360-degree wheel manoeuvrability for SMART Park. The platform that is scalable operates each wheel independently keeping the vehicle level at all times! The E-Corner Platform provided by the drive unit has numerous applications which include an EV, Autonomous POD, AMR, Delivery BOTS. Cyclopic are also developing an innovative fly/drive drone & compact E-Bike.