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Bibby Marine Ltd

About Bibby Marine Ltd

Bibby Line Group is a 200 + year old family business with its history in shipping.  We are the UK’s oldest privately owned family shipping company. We are built on a set of core values: working together, trusting each other, being innovative, doing the right thing and being better.  Bibby is committed to sustainability, and looking to the future it is our ambition is to become the first Zero Carbon Vessel Operator in this sector. In collaboration with our Technical and Operations Teams our appointed Naval Architects are currently working on concept engineering designs using both existing and emerging technologies.  This activity is further underpinned by our projects with Maritime Research and Innovation UK (MarRI UK) and InnovateUK and our recent Zero Emission Vessel Infrastructure (ZEVI) bid win to build the world’s first electric SOV. 

We know the future of the marine industry depends on innovation, but do we have the expertise to follow through?

  • There are gaps in how Commercial Shipbuilders use DT in pre & post build vessel design
  • How can we access / transfer technology that is already readily available in other industries (automotive / aerospace) to marine industry?
  • We want our vessel to be more efficient and more sustainable – to provide real-time data, to exceed traditional methods. We believe through the use of digital twinning and AI; we can have a clearer picture of a ship’s impact – both on its operations and the world in which we live. 

If you have a technology or solution that could help Bibby Marine please complete this simple expression of interest form. Bibby Marine Expression of Interest Form

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