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National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure workshops

Driving cyber-physical innovation in the UK

Cyber-physical infrastructure connects the real world with the digital world. It is infrastructure just as roads are infrastructure and requires planning, rules and regulation to function well, and innovation to function better.

The National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) ecosystem programme is hosting a series of events and activities, bringing together different voices from industry and building opportunities for collaboration to ensure this happens in the right way.

Workshop series
Themes and learnings from the Cyber-Physical Future Forum, together with the enablers identified by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology in the NCPI report and guidance from the Cyber-Physical Consultation Response, have shaped four new workshops to discuss priorities within domains and identify crossover.

Workshop themes cover cyber-physical infrastructure: key challenges; security and resilience; interoperability; frameworks, standards and guidance. Discussions around value propositions, skills, and regulation will be common elements in each.

What can we achieve?
By working together, we encourage shared learnings, best practices and creation of synergies towards joined-up cross-sector, cross-technology and cross-disciplinary innovation. We can set out how we design, build, develop and connect capabilities such as digital twins, spatial computing / metaverse and robotic / autonomous systems and develop common goals to address systemic challenges and opportunities with mutual benefits, meeting industry demands and creating better societal outcomes.


1. Cyber-physical infrastructure: Key challenges, Thursday 16 May 2024, 12.30 to 16.30, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Factory 2050, Europa Avenue, Sheffield S9 1ZA. What are the high-level principles that can be established across sectors that will help to create new possibilities and support decision-making processes? The event will consist of discussion panels, networking opportunities and a tour of AMRC Factory 2050.

2. Security and resilience, Wednesday 22 May 2024, 12.30 to 16.30, Digital Catapult, 101 Euston Road London NW1 2RA. Security and resilience are not just necessities, they are critical enablers for unlocking the true potential of the systems within systems. By embracing high-level principles, collaborating across sectors and staying informed about emerging threats we can build a safer and more resilient cyber-physical ecosystem.

3. Interoperability, Tuesday 18 June 2024, 10.00 to 16.00 Connected Places Catapult, Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0BE. What should be the top-level recommendations to Government and UK experts on next steps for interoperability and datasharing? What decisions need to be made in terms of funding priorities? This practical workshop looks at the technology interoperability matrix and aims to create an action plan.

4. Frameworks, standards and guidance, July 2024, details to be confirmed Register (link coming soon)

This work builds towards an NCPI strategic roadmap for publication in 2025. 

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The NCPI ecosystem programme is run by Digital Catapult, Connected Places Catapult and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

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