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Connected Digital Twins Summit 2023

June 2023 saw the first ever Connected Digital Twins Summit hosted by the Digital Twin Hub and Connected Places Catapult. The event was a unique opportunity for the digital twin community to get together and showcase significant advances in connected digital twins across industry sectors. Here are the recorded sessions from that day, including the keynote speech, Ministerial address, Gemini Call live sessions and many fascinating and lively panel discussions.

CReDo: The Future of Investment and Unlocking Asset Value

Interactive Training Session: Realising the Potential of Digital Twins

Gemini Alliance: Shaping the Future of Digital Twin Skills

Digital Twins Interoperability

Unlocking the Value of a Dynamic Digital Twin

How to Stimulate Innovation in Digital Twins through R&D Funding

How is the UK Championing Innovation and Connecting Digital Twins?

What are Connected Digital Twins already bringing to manufacturing?

Transport Research and Innovation Board (TRIB): Overview and SME Use Cases

Digital Operations and Maintenance Environment (DOME) for Offshore Wind

Fireside Chat: Harnessing BIM to realise Digital Twins

Space, Time and Digital Twins

Connected Digital Twins Summit 2023 - Welcome & Keynote Addresses

Gemini Call Live: Part 2

Virtual Energy System: Decarbonising the Energy Sector with Connected Digital Twins

Gemini Call Live: Part 1

DT Hub Working Group 4: Digital Skills and Building Capability

DT Hub Working Group 3: Business Case and Demonstrating Value

DT Hub Working Group 2: Open Standards and Interoperability

DT Hub Working Group 1: Governance Model and Trust

The Gemini Alliance: Shaping the Future of Digital Twin Skills

The Future of Investment & Key to Unlocking Unprecedented Asset Value

Busting Barriers & Unleashing the Power of Connected Digital Twins

Cyber-physical Infrastructure Challenges for Industry

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