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The Global BIM Network is pleased to announce the launch of its Public Sector Construction: Digital Transformation Playbook.

Why is the Playbook needed?
In recent years there has been a consistent growth in the number of public sector-led Building Information Modelling (BIM) and wider digital construction transformation programmes worldwide. Digital construction transformation is a programme to change the way that the built environment is designed, procured, constructed and operated. It is accomplished through the introduction of digital technology, processes and ways of working to better deliver the world’s infrastructure.

Public Sector BIM Programmes

The growth in countries with public sector led transformation programmes, based on desk research by the Global BIM Network in 2022

The Global BIM Network aims to build on its members’ transformation journeys to transition towards a digital built environment that delivers socio-economic and environmental benefits for people and places while boosting the global economy.

The Information Collection is an online resource library hosted by the Network, primarily for the global public sector and multi-lateral organizations seeking guidance, documentation and other resources to facilitate the strategic introduction of BIM worldwide. It is also open to everyone with an interest in growing the benefits resulting from the structured use of data as part of the larger digital transformation of the construction sector.

Since its launch in 2021, the collection has grown to more than 400 resources from over 60 countries. A collection of this size can provide valuable insights from a diverse range of case study transformation programmes. However, it can also create challenges searching for resources related to specific concepts and synthesising varied information sources into a set of organised, actionable, common ideas and outputs.

Scope and scale of Global BIM Network Information Collection resources

This Public Sector Construction Digital Transformation Playbook is a response to those challenges. It organises the ideas contained within the Information Collection, identifying common approaches and providing a contextual method of finding the most relevant resources. The aim is to quickly connect those involved in BIM (and other wider public sector-led infrastructure) transformation programmes to information which is relevant to their specific needs and to provide tools to assist in making sense of these resources.

Access the Playbook on the Global BIM website.

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