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In my third editorial note I am going to focus on examples of community members sharing for community good. These are not the only good example of sharing in the community but are ones that have stood out to me personally. Sharing is central to the progress that this community will make, by highlighting examples I hope to empower other members of the community to share.


Digital Twin Talks

During July and August, I have been facilitating the second series of Digital Twin talks on interconnected digital twins. It has been a real privilege to work with all the speakers and pose questions during our live discussions at 10:30 am every Tuesday. It has also been great to see members of the community asking questions. If a question is relevant to you, it is also likely to be relevant to others. Asking questions drives the discussion forward and brings out more details from the presentation.

@Steven Zhang from Modular Geospatial Data for Everyone has been an ever present participant during this Twin Talk series, asking great questions to each of our speakers – kudos to you and thank you for showing such a strong commitment to the community!

You can check out upcoming talks on the calendar and view past talks. We will be concluding this series of talks with a live round table featuring all of the speakers on 25th August. Please bring your thoughts, questions and challenges regarding the interconnection of digital twins.

Also if you would like to take part in a future twin talk series by giving a presentation yourself please contact either myself, or Tammy Au the DT Hub engagement lead.    


Supplier Register    

Members of the community who rapidly scale solutions are probably already familiar with “orders of magnitude”. The Supplier Register has just passed its first small milestones – from 0 to 10 entries and from 10 to 100 supplier views. Our next milestones are much more ambitious from 10 to 100 entries and from 100 to 1000 supplier views.

Rather than highlight a specific entry, I would like to thank all members that have added to this growing resource. As early adopters your solutions are already being showcased through the lens of the Gemini principles information value chain.

For members of the community who haven’t yet submitted an entry I would encourage your to do so. Adding an entry is straightforward and quick to do. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly on the hub using the mail icon at the top of our navigation bar.

We are also currently planning our platform enhancements for delivery between September 2020 to March 2021. I would like to give the supplier register some TLC to support scaling to our next milestones and beyond. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see on our wish list, please let me know.


Extra-community events  

We know that digital twin is rapidly growing into a big space. While our aspiration is for the DT Hub to be THE community for you to connect, discuss and share, there is so much good stuff going on outside of the DT Hub we are very grateful to members of the community for sharing these with other members and bringing them to our attention.

@Mark Coates of Bentley Systems shared details of Microsoft’s “The IoT Show” as they were doing a deep dive on integrating 3D models and IoT data using Bentley Systems and Microsoft technologies. As this show featured a virtual premier and live Q&A we were more than happy to share this using the community calendar. Community members can “Create Events” in the calendar using the button at the top of the page. Please feel empowered to use this to share upcoming Digital Twin events with the community.

If you missed the live premier, the recording of the show is on the Microsoft Developer YouTube channel.


Community forums

As new communities form it takes time for new members to gauge the lay of the land and to transition from viewers of content to active participants in discussion. A key step in this community forming is community members sharing their own content into the community to stimulate thoughts and feedback from others.

Picking out only one example would be very difficult, but there are two that particularly stood out to me in the last month.

@Stephen Wolski of Sensat shared a great post on Semantic segmentation of 3D point clouds. This stood out to me for a number of reasons. 3D point clouds are something I have personally struggled with during my time producing BIM models on Infrastructure projects, so I was very interested to see advances in this area. The post itself was a good “executive summary” of the work that Sensat and the Alan Turing Institute have been doing to teach computers to understand the real world and links to a well written and detailed report for those that have an interest in the topic. An exemplar community post.

Ian Gordon of Highway England shared a link to an article he authored titled “5 ways that Digital Twins could destroy society”. It is an excellent, thought provoking read. I don’t believe that Digital Twin will destroy society, nor does Ian, but I believe the point is to think about all outcomes not just the one you are working towards.

It takes a level of bravery and leadership to share your views with a community. So, I would like to thank Stephen and Ian for providing tangible examples of what good looks like. One thing all members of the community can do is recognise these contributions using the like et al feedback buttons. This helps us and the rest of the community identify hot topics that our community are engaging with. Another thing is to reply to the topic, to share your thoughts, experiences and constructively challenge. This will help to connect the community and drive us all forward.     


Closing thoughts

I would like to thank all members of the community that are sharing their knowledge and experience for community good. I would also like to apologise that for the editorial I have only been able to pick a few examples of what good looks like. Of course, I hope by sharing these examples I will empower all members of the community to take the step to become an active member of the community by sharing something themselves. 

Tom Hughes

Delivery Lead, DT Hub

10th August 2020


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