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The Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) has published the Digital Twin Navigator, an interactive guide looking to help client bodies to embed digital twinning into a project from the earliest opportunity.

Drawing upon some of the key definitions set out in the DT toolkit report (the use case framework, the DT sophistication levels, …), the Digital Twin Navigator offers specific guidance at an individual project level, focusing on how digital twins can be implemented for capital projects. Taking the construction of a new hospital as a worked example, the navigator suggests a 5-stage approach; from making the initial business case for a digital twin to refining and evaluating it throughout the different phases of the project.

It also sets out key considerations for defining the requirements for a digital twin, highlighting the importance of interfacing and aligning digital twin strategy to the BIM, Soft landing and Facility management strategies – to build a holistic set of information requirements for the project both in the context of static and dynamic elements. The DT navigator also emphasises the importance of a “no regrets” approach, where alignment with the IMF will ensure that a digital twin can ultimately be part of an ecosystem of connected digital twins – a part of the National Digital Twin.