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CReDo is the culmination of a concerted effort across multiple organisations. The project sought to include data from a wide range of sources, comprising differing formats and digital availability. Building on the principles of the National Digital Twin programme’s Information Management Framework, asset data from multiple organisations has been integrated within one system model and equipped with a visual interface. This has allowed for a clear representation of the connectivity between assets and an analysis of the resulting interdependencies between sectors.

Additional flood hazard information was processed, integrated and interrogated within the system model to represent the extent and depth of flooding across the studied area under various future flooding scenarios. This climatic data was used alongside asset information to investigate direct failures resulting from local flooding conditions, and to test the ability of the system to cope under a range of future flood scenarios. In order to build a picture of the wider system impacts, two processes were run in parallel;

  • First, information about assets was gathered along with information concerning the likelihood of failure in various flooding scenarios. This was conducted using expert elicitation techniques and Bayesian modelling, assessing the probability of failure of a given asset as a result of local flooding conditions.
  • Second, operational research techniques have been employed to better understand the infrastructure interdependencies and to propagate failures resulting from flood conditions across single networks, and further across the entire infrastructure system.

“”There is huge potential for connected digital twins to benefit industry and society in terms of damage prevention, cost savings and service reliability, not just for the immediate services like telecoms, energy, water and utilities – but these also cascade down to any industry – or person – that relies heavily on or would be affected by disruption to those services.””

Tom Collingwood STFC Hartree Centre