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Digital Twin Overview

Tekniska Verken AB is the municipality-owned company in the municipality of Linköping, Sweden that serves the Linköping area: 1,568 km² with a population of 163, 000. Tekniska Verken had a growing need for an updated hydraulic model due to extensive growth in the municipality with a lot of new housing and industry areas. A growing population calls for the ability to carry out accurate capacity studies and to optimize all assets as well as system performance in an aging water supply network. Optimization includes identifying problems—such as those related to pressure, leaking pipes and water quality—and underperforming areas.The digital twin model has been instrumental in managing and operating the layers of water-related infrastructure—including booster stations and associated pipe networks, storage tanks and treatment facilities—thereby providing ongoing support for the proper functioning of the network. In addition to capacity studies, the digital twin has facilitated general studies of the network, hydraulic design of new areas, identification of operational issues, and support when redimensioning/relining the existing network.

Summary of existing material

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