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Digital Twin Overview

The Estates Digital Services team at CU Estates have been surveying and retrospectively modelling the existing buildings and also updating models received for new projects at handover to create a digital twin of the university campus that currently includes 50+ of its campus buildings. This Digital Twin currently holds space and asset data which will utilize live data once it’s linked with the other Estates systems such as the BMS and CAFM. This work is part of a vision to have a smart campus and to digitise all of Estates’ buildings and assets information, have a central location for all data and integrate with the other university systems to offer more valuable and accurate data for all the various stakeholders and to help facilitate projects development and enhance the Estates services to Coventry University staff and students.

Opportunities & Challenges

.  To extend to cover remote campuses of the university
.  To connect with city data as the campus is at the heart of the city of Coventry
.  To extend and capture related infrastructure

.  Understanding the complex existing systems to facilitate integration and data sharing
.  Digitalising legacy information
.  Transforming information between different data schemas to achieve interoperability


Summary of existing material

See Case study.