Assuring Visco’s VGOC solution for building digital twins

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Case Study Overview

VISCO is supplying systems for advanced visualization and workflow management for platforms and process plants.

What challenges does it solve?

DNV is providing an independent assessment of the VISCO VGOC digital twin solution to assess the validity of its claimed functionality, performance and capability. This assessment reviewed Visco’s ability to develop, deploy and maintain the system, documenting all findings. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the solution was also assessed and documented.

What outcomes have you delivered?

VISCO experienced significant benefits from using DNV’s services and “Recommended Practice” methodology for the Qualification and Assurance of Digital Twin (DNVGL-RP-A204). The organisation saw increased credibility, increased market uptake and improved efficiency in internal processes by applying DNV-RP-A204.