Assuring a digital twin for Aker BP – Cognite Data Fusion (CDF)

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Case Study Overview

Aker BP is developing the NOA field offshore Norway. The development concept represents a large degree of remote operation and automation, including a low-manned processing platform.

What outcomes have you delivered?

DNV is supporting Aker BP by implementing DNV-RP-A204 – a “Recommended Practice” methodology for the Qualification and Assurance of a Digital Twin – to establish a robust assurance process for the digital twin and ensuring that it meets the CAPEX and OPEX goals. DNV are supporting Aker BP in the digital twin dialogue with Equinor, partners and stakeholders.

What lessons have you learn that apply to future work?

The process platform is low-manned requiring high degree of functionality and confidence in the digital twin in order to enable remote operation. The application of DNV-RP-A204 is a key contribution to reaching this goal and ensuring Aker BP can also meet CAPEX and OPEX goals through a consistent assurance approach.