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What is CReDo?

Climate Resilience Demonstrator, CReDo, is a climate change adaptation digital twin demonstrator project to improve resilience across infrastructure networks. CReDo will develop a digital twin across energy, water and telecoms networks to improve climate resilience across infrastructure.

CReDo is a pioneering project to develop, for the first time in the UK, a digital twin across key services networks to provide a practical example of how connected-data and greater access to the right information can improve climate adaptation and resilience.

Digital twins are already having a profound impact on businesses and society and CReDo provides a critical next step – a demonstration of how interoperability between digital twins can unlock further value.

CReDo looks specifically at the impact of extreme weather, in particular flooding, on energy, water and telecoms networks. It demonstrates how those who own and operate them can use secure, resilient, information sharing, across sector boundaries, to mitigate the effect of flooding on network performance and service delivery to customers.

What is CReDO?
Why is CReDO needed

Why is it needed?

Climate change is a systemic challenge and it demands a systems-based solution. It is not enough to make progress in siloes – real transformation can only happen with the sharing of information across sectors and acknowledging the interdependencies between them. CReDo shows the benefits of this joined up approach and how better information and coordination enables providers to identify better solutions.

It also provides an important template to build on. This case looks specifically at adaptation to climate change, but there is huge potential to adapt it to other challenges, such as climate mitigation and net zero. The end goal is building a National Digital Twin, an ecosystem of connected digital twins, that offers new insights and solutions across the whole environment from health, to farming to defence.

A multi-layered approach

The Information Management Framework, which is being developed by the National Digital Twin programme, will provide the means to share data so that decisions can be made based on information about all the relevant interdependencies.

The Information Management Framework sets a principled approach to connecting data sets in digital twins focusing on quality and security so that the approach trialled as part of CReDo can be developed and standardised to be scalable at a national level.

CReDo aims

Climate change is a systemic challenge that demands systems based solutions. Cross-sector information sharing is an essential enabler of net-zero and climate resilience. The project will:

  • Develop a proof-of-concept climate resilience digital twin which can deliver improved climate resilience and service to customers across the participating asset owners
  • Contribute to the development of and show how the Information Management Framework (IMF) approach can enable data sharing across connected digital twins in a scalable way
  • Demonstrate to a wide industry, policy and public audience at the time of the COP26 conference, how connected digital twins can enable more informed decision making, leading to better outcomes for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
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