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  • The DT toolkit project is an ongoing project developing resources to assist organisations in putting together a business case for digital twins.

    DT Hub members asked for support in making the business case for digital twins so through the  Gemini programme, we put together a team of volunteers who are working in the area of digital twins and who offered their contribution on a pro bono basis to the development of a DT Toolkit.

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  • The result is a DT toolkit report which takes you through:

    ·        What is a digital twin?

    ·        What can digital twins be used for?

    ·        A case study register on the DT Hub

    ·        A business case template for a digital twin

    ·        A roadmap to implementing your digital twin


    This is the first version of the DT toolkit and we’re looking for your involvement in testing this toolkit and developing it further. Please comment here. If you’d like to get involved in the toolkit team please email ndtprogramme@cdbb.cam.ac.uk.

  • News

    A first version of the toolkit is available now! Find out more here.

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    Get involved!

    - Please join the DT toolkit network

    - The team are looking for case study materials, so please get in touch via the network if you are able to share materials. If you are working on areas relevant to the toolkit please get in touch to collaborate: NDTprogramme@cdbb.cam.ac.uk

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