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About the Gemini Programme

  • The National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) has set up the Gemini programme, to develop resources to support the DTHub community. The Gemini programme brings people together who are keen to get involved in Gemini Projects to co-develop materials for use by the DT Hub community.


    Gemini Call

    The weekly Gemini Call gives a summary of current activity in the NDTp, an update on current Gemini projects and provides the opportunity to suggest new projects, ideas and raise questions directly with the NDTp team.

    If you are keen to get more involved in the NDTp then we invite you to join the Gemini call which takes place every Tuesday, 10:30-11:00 am via Microsoft Teams. Click the button to sign-up for the weekly call.


    Watch the latest update to see what you’ve missed.



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    Gemini Projects

    • Gemini projects develop materials and resources for use by the DTHub community.
    • Projects are focused on serving community needs and are aligned with the objectives of the NDTp
    • Propose an idea for a Gemini project at the Gemini call; a suggestion needs a scoped terms of reference and a willing team to take it forward
    • Feedback on a project through the project network
    • Gemini projects are published here
    • Arrange events to stimulate discussion of ongoing or completed Gemini projects

      New projects will be posted here. Stay tuned. 

      Previous projects

      Gemini project



      DT toolkit project


      To provide organisations with materials to make the business case for DTs:

      • Use cases
      • Case studies
      • Business case templates
      • Roadmap

      DT toolkit report published in February 2021. 

      Join the DT Toolkit Network

      Legal roundtables


      To discuss potential legal issues in connecting DTs

      4 roundtables in Q4 2020


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