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  1. Digital Twin for co-creators of innovative social solutions It is time to align people and environmental needs through new interconnected collaborative organizational models. Establish the bridge between the virtual and offline world as well as connect academics and communities to focus on social impact by providing the missing valuable functions of the social technology for the common good. We want everyone to be able to share and take joint action on everyday experiences and quality of life concerns; at a local, national and global level. Humans are keystone species in whatever environment they inhabit. - We have known as human beings that our planet is small, fragile and interconnected. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE LACK OF A COLLECTIVE DESIRE FOR A POSITIVE FUTURE BUT THE LACK OF A COLLECTIVE VEHICLE FOR POSITIVE ACTIONS. How Can Technology Accelerate Social Evolution? Digital collective intelligence We sorely lack more concerted support and action to assemble new combinations of tools that can help the society think and act at a pace as well as scale commensurate with the problems we face. We need an entirely different model of dealing with reality, a new frame of mind, a collective intelligence. This is an ability to come into communion with a group and act as a single unit of intelligence. Citizen Social Science in the age of the ALPHA GENERATION To do this by holistically connect the disconnected and isolated dots with each other and communities of GLOCAL society to use technologies and methods to collectively solve problems by holistic approach and Eco-System Design thinking to improve the.. Humanity’s relationship to its environment Humanity’s relationship to technology, and Humanity’s relationship to itself Humanner's system work with a MULTI FUNCTIONAL holistic multisolving approach so that make the investment more impactful. Single investment of time and money - Defined as a way of solving multiple problems with multisolving approach brings together stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to tackle public issues in a cost-efficient manner 1/ "Normal" days (GLOCAL) - Collective Social Innovation Network 2/ In Crisis situation can turn into - Collective Crisis Management System SOCIETY - ISO 37105 Descriptive Framework for Cities and Communities - provides a framework to describe the key entities within a city. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/citizen-social-science-age-alpha-generation-humanner-/
  2. Anne GUINARD

    Digital Twin Navigator

    Version 1.0.0


    The Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) has published the Digital Twin Navigator, an interactive guide looking to help client bodies to embed digital twinning into a project from the earliest opportunity. Drawing upon some of the key definitions set out in the DT toolkit report (the use case framework, the DT sophistication levels, …), the Digital Twin Navigator offers specific guidance at an individual project level, focusing on how digital twins can be implemented for capital projects. Taking the construction of a new hospital as a worked example, the navigator suggests a 5-stage approach; from making the initial business case for a digital twin to refining and evaluating it throughout the different phases of the project. It also sets out key considerations for defining the requirements for a digital twin, highlighting the importance of interfacing and aligning digital twin strategy to the BIM, Soft landing and Facility management strategies - to build a holistic set of information requirements for the project both in the context of static and dynamic elements. The DT navigator also emphasises the importance of a “no regrets” approach, where alignment with the IMF will ensure that a digital twin can ultimately be part of an ecosystem of connected digital twins – a part of the National Digital Twin.
  3. We are very pleased to announce the release of the first version of the DT toolkit. It has been developed by a team of volunteers who are working in the area of digital twins and offered their contribution on a pro bono basis. The DT toolkit report takes you through: What is a digital twin? What can digital twins be used for? A case study register on the DT Hub A business case template for a digital twin A roadmap to implementing your digital twin It contain a business case template which is intended to help you put together the business case for a digital twin. The toolkit report and the business case template can be downloaded here. This is the first version of the DT toolkit and we’re looking for your involvement in testing this toolkit and developing it further. We would like to encourage you to share comments here. If you would like to comment on specific areas of the toolkit, please feel free to open a new topic in the related area in this network (use cases, case studies, business case, roadmap). We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  4. If you missed the free webinar last month on how to generate OIRs and critical success factors from an executive strategy join me again on Monday morning. its 1.5 hrs of presentation and 1.5 hrs of workshop. please feel free to attend just the presentation. There is an optional session the following day taking in Function Information Requirements and their impact on delivering digital assets. Sign up and attend what you can! https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2513815/F72E835712666BB4969CC328281F134D?partnerref=SocialMedia see you all then Iain
  5. One might argue that the foundation for any Digital twin is understanding what information is required for the business to exist and deliver on its strategy and client needs. Without this, how do we know what information to include in our Digital Twin and how our assets are performing in carrying out this objective? I'm delivering a 3 hours free webinar on the 12th August to show a simple method for extracting OIRs from an executive document and specifying what is critical to understanding the business benefits to owning a Digital Twin. be great if you can join me!https://lnkd.in/dxF6BEN
  6. Join us for the next video in our series on Tuesday. Tom Henderson and the CDBB team will host a live chat session at 10.30. Bring your questions.
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