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2020 Smart Infrastructure Index survey

DT Hub asset owner and operator community members were first invited to complete an extended version of the Smart Infrastructure Index © (SII) in Q3 2020.

The 2020 version of the Smart Infrastructure Index survey included core SII questions to analyse digital transformation maturity, plus questions on digital twins in the context of the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp). It was completed by 18% of eligible DT Hub members.

Analysis of the response provides insight into maturity within the DT Hub; relationships between organisational maturity indicators and digital twin maturity; and where there may be risks and opportunities for advancing digital twin maturity within the built environment.

The 2020 Smart Infrastructure Index report

Watch Sam Chorlton and Tom Hughes' interview on the survey results and what it means to the DT Hub.

Read the summary of the DT Hub SII 2020 here.

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