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Project Partners

CreDo is being delivered through a collaboration with Connected Places Catapult, industry partners and research centres (Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Manchester and Warwick along with the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the Alan Turing Institute and the Joint Centre of Excellence in Environmental Intelligence). The project has been funded by BEIS, the Connected Places Catapult and the University of Cambridge.

Collaborating on CReDo are Anglian Water, BT and UK Power Networks who will use their asset data on a secure, shared basis to inform an increased level of infrastructure resilience. These data sets are being shared to create a digital twin of the infrastructure system for energy, water and telecoms.

By bringing data sets together, the teams can examine the quality of data and work with the Information Management Framework (IMF) team as it develops IMF thin-slice methodology. This will enable CReDo to 1) develop IMF thin-slice methodology for connecting data sets and digital twins in a principled, scalable way, and 2) demonstrate how connected digital twins can help tackle climate change. Insights generated from the data will be used to inform decision making concerning capital and operational planning as well as real-time operations, thus reducing the cost and disruptive impact of extreme weather events.

Collaboration Partners and Funders

CReDo project partners
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