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Network for 16-19 year olds in education or training, young apprentices and aspiring engineers and technicians interested in digital twins and related digital capabilities. Share ideas and knowledge to help one another in following the path into digital. This is a developing Network for the next generation of talent, and with an understanding of the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion. Feel free to add your contributions.
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  2. Hi all, As the group grows and the potential to research and produce findings, can I suggest we work on a Miro Board or similar as a point of reference? Happy to share this way of working using an line board in the very near future in a Teams call? This could be also used for when there are meetings and task groups formed.
  3. Thanks Catherine, I have and also completed the online form.
  4. Hi Neil - would you be interested in joining the DT Hub Digital Skills and Building Capability Working Group? You can apply here: https://digitaltwinhub.co.uk/working-groups/
  5. Version 1.0.0

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    This report is my research into Digital Twins and my findings of its infancy in relation to creating a model of delivery for skills and qualifications. The profile of DT in Construction, is to be raised and collaborated on so that it can be demonstrated across the education sector as a essential skill for all groups of students to be introduced too.
  6. Discover digital twin projects across different industries in our case studies section: https://digitaltwinhub.co.uk/case-studies/
  7. Start our free online course on Data and Digital Twins: https://digitaltwinhub.co.uk/online-learning/
  8. Thank you for your continued support and leadership on this much needed initiative Catherine!
  9. Watch the presentation by Bola Abisogun OBE and download the slides. Watch this space for more material relevant to the next generation of digital engineers.

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