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gist is Semantic Arts’ minimalist upper ontology for the enterprise. It is designed to provide the maximum coverage of typical business concepts with the fewest number of primitives and the least amount of ambiguity. The gist ontology is free (as in free speech and free beer): it is distributed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license. You can use it as you see fit for any purpose, as long as you give Semantic Arts attribution. The gist ontology is used extensively in Semantic Arts' work and elsewhere. You might find it helpful in your work. As a contribution to the overall UK Digital Twin efforts it can provide a stable platform for building out enterprise ontologies in almost any sphere. Ongoing development of gist is open to the public at the gist GitHub repository, and contributions in the form of comments on issue discussion threads and submission of issues and pull requests are welcomed. Guidelines for the latter are found in the docs section of the repository. New issues and pull requests are reviewed by the Semantic Arts ontology team twice a month. The ontology files locally, download a zipped archive containing gist as well as documentation. You can import these files directly into your ontology editor of choice: Protégé, Topbraid, etc. The gist Network is there to help colleagues understand how gist can help in your work and to provide support. Helpful Links can be found at https://www.semanticarts.com/gist/
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  2. We have an active governance and best practices community around gist called the gist Council. The next meeting will take place Thursday December 1 at 9:00 am US Mountain. The council meets virtually on the first Thursday of every month. Practitioners and users of gist come together to discuss how to use gist and make suggestions on its evolution. If you would like to be involved, please email james.metcalf@semanticarts.com for more information.

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