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Fireside Chat: Harnessing BIM to realise Digital Twins


In a world driven by technological advancements, the convergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Digital Twins has emerged as a ground-breaking shift. In this inspirational talk, we dive into the realm of twin building and unlock the transformative potential of harnessing BIM to realize Digital Twins.

Our journey will begin by unravelling the concept of the digital thread, where the essence of a physical asset intertwines with its virtual counterpart - learning the art of creating and nurturing the digital thread, as we witness intelligent virtual replicas come to life. The true power of digital twins lies in their ability to harness data and transform it into actionable insights in the realm of insightful operations, where every piece of information and data is analysed, interpreted, and acted upon.

Collaboration and partnerships form this thriving ecosystem as no digital twin can flourish in isolation. We will explore how different stakeholders come together and how each role contributes to the collective intelligence that propels digital twins forward. Additionally, we will examine real-life examples of how they have been successfully implemented.


  • Robert Bray, VPGM Autodesk Tandem, Autodesk
  • Adam Matthews, Head of Strategy & Engagement, Digital Construction International (DCI)

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