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How to Stimulate Innovation in Digital Twins through R&D Funding


This presentation will be delivered by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). It will consist of three parts:

  • An explanation of UK Research and Innovation and the context for their latest round of digital twinning research investments.
  • A high-level explanation of what UKRI means by the term ‘digital twinning’, and highlighting some of the investments that EPSRC and NERC have already made in digital twinning research.
  • An introduction to the latest round of EPSRC and UKRI investments in digital twinning research. Auditorium (Lower ground floor) PPT

Through the presentation, EPSRC will explain how UKRI is convening, catalysing, and investing in digital twinning, in close collaboration with others, working with government, industry and academia, stimulating innovation through R&D funding, and playing their part in the development of the national capability.

Presented by:

Rhian Jacob-Barclay, Senior Portfolio Manager, Digital Security and Resilience, EPSRC


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