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CReDo 'Show and Tell' Webinar - Tom Burgoyne presentation


Information Quality Management: Anglian Water Journey

Anglian Water is going through a digital transformation and aiming to increase their capabilities with a roadmap through to 2035 alongside a carbon strategy to meet NetZero by 2030. The building of a digital twin would emerge from this digital transformation and be an essential enabler for meeting Anglian Waters carbon and climate goals. Anglian Water recognised that for this to happen they needed to integrate information across their estate and were beginning to explore solutions.

Working with the Information Management Framework (IMF) team on the CReDo project it became apparent that the IMF approach could help Anglian Water accelerate this work. Linked here, Tom Burgoyne, Enterprise Data Architect at Anglian Water Services, describes the journey they have taken and the learning they have gained through testing out elements of the IMF approach at the Credo webinar held in March 2022.


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