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Data Transformation Engine


Part of the Integration Architecture; The Data Transformation Engine is that will automate the integration of incompatible and legacy data into the system, both once on discovery and “just in time”.


Not all our data will be available in formats that are compatible with our foundational ontology. We will need to (at least partially) automate the integration of incompatible and legacy data into the system, both once on discovery and “just in time”. Permanent automated mappings will allow the digital twin catalogue to be continuously refreshed, while the transformation will be schemed to meet need, with links not needing to be “always on”. It will not be possible to develop all of these ourselves: but we will facilitate a distributed solution to this problem by providing tools to support this task (the responsibility to signpost information quality will remain on data providers). In some cases, this will be transformation of real-time telemetry, while in other cases, it will be sufficient to periodically collect and process telemetry to analyse performance and arrange maintenance.

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